Seat / row of seats / folding seat for sports field and stadium

Stadium seats (VIP and business seats) or seat shells made of polypropylene, polyamide and metal (galvanized or powder-coated), here you will find your comfortable plastic seat for your stadium. Seats for the football stadium, fistball stadium, handball stadium, athletics stadium, for drama theater, for the boxing arena or sports hall, ...

The minimum order quantity is normally 150-200 pieces depending on the model (unless otherwise stated in the description or price list)!

Remaining quantities on request

Folding seats model "Franziska_MM2013"Folding seat for mounting on the wall

This elegant range of versatile folding seats meets the requirements of FIFA / UEFA and FIBA ​​and the seats are also certified by CATAS. They are robust, space-saving, easy to maintain and maintenance-free. The model offers ground clearance and this is a great advantage when cleaning the floor in the stadium, on the football field or in the sports hall.

Folding seat, stadium seat, grandstand seat

The "Franziska_MM2013" is basically a stadium seat but the possible uses are numerous. Since the seat is foldable and the model with the seat folded up does not require a lot of space, it not only cuts a fine figure in the sports stadium but also at the doctor or in the hospital where there is a lack of space. Due to its special construction, this comfortable folding seat is also ideal for wall mounting , without an adapter and without special parts. The seat is ideal for all possible waiting areas or waiting rooms / waiting rooms. 

Folding seat for medical practice, hospital and. waiting room

Areas of application are therefore stadiums, sports halls, soccer fields or swimming pools, medical practices, hospitals / hospitals as well as public buildings of municipalities, offices and authorities.

This model can not only be mounted on the wall but also on the floor, e.g. on a metal crossbar or on one leg (single installation on the floor, also rotatable and with armrests).

In the stadium, this folding seat fits well for reporter seats and with upholstery it creates seating comfort in the VIP area , there is also an optional foldable writing tray (small desk), there is this model also rotatable and also with armrests that can be folded up wherever is tight.

The robust construction consists of a reinforced polyamide assembly structure, the seat and the backrest are made of polypropylene. Versatility and absolutely modern and clean design. This is also a seat for wet rooms and for special climates, e.g. B. those with high humidity and high salt content (sauna, brine, brine fog cabins, steam baths, wellness areas with salt cabins for salt therapy, ...), the supporting structure is free of exposed or visible metal and therefore rust-free and durable

A big advantage of this seat is the small depth, which is only approx. 150 mm in the resting position. Its small footprint makes it possible to mount the seat in narrow, narrow aisles, the seat folds up due to gravity and is therefore maintenance-free. Options: aluminum license plate, area for sponsors, upholstery inserts, armrest, glass holder and writing surface.

Dimensions (PDF) - Remaining quantities on request



Shell Franziska_MM2010
Bucket seat, stadium seat, seat shell on console

Here is an example of installation using robust polyamide brackets (reinforced with glass fiber ). The advantage of these consoles is that they cannot rust and therefore they are e.g. B. also ideal for use in stadiums or objects that are close to the sea (where salt water evaporates and the salinity in the air is therefore higher). These fiberglass-reinforced plastic consoles are also very elegant and, with an adapter, also ideally suited for wall mounting in waiting rooms or sports halls. The standard color of the consoles is black, from an order of 500 pieces other colors can also be produced.

Bucket seat / stadium seat / seat shell on console   Stadium seat on foot or leg

In addition to the wall bracket made of polyamide, there is also the variant made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The seats are very flexible and solution-oriented thanks to many possible uses and installation options in practice (on the floor using a base, in front of a step or on a wall using a crossbar or console).

We can also offer benches, substructures, legs and frames by hand to measure or according to plan. The bucket seats are available for outdoor use with UV protection and also with fire protection components (please specify when inquiring ).

Stadium seat with leg   Stadium bench, coach bench

Painting the metal parts is more common when used indoors (such as in waiting rooms or halls), the hot-dip galvanized version is weatherproof and waterproof and for your outdoor use (which is suitable for outdoor use, but is of course also suitable for indoor use) vice versa mostly not).

These bases or legs are available for rows of seats (benches with up to 5 seats, length approx. 250 cm) and also for the single seat (fixed chair or seat).



Seat / stadium seat model " BeriOme "

Stadium seat, seat for grandstands   Seat for the stadium   Seat shell BeriOme

A seat shell made of plastic for mounting either directly on a concrete step, on wood or on a crossbeam (base frame, metal construction) and also on a console made of metal (wall mounting).

   ../../Stadionsitz-Sitzschalen/Stadionsitze-BeriOme-mit-Brandschutz-schwarz-P1270287___sm.JPG   Stadium seats Seat Cup BeriOme

A flexible, robust and inexpensive seat shell for stands of all kinds, for sports fields and stadiums.

BeriOme seat-mounting direct-on-stage-0001_sm   BeriOme Stadium seats Seat Cup-bucket seats P1270633_sm   Grandstand seat upholstered

This seat shell is a good and inexpensive solution for halls (tennis halls and sports halls of all kinds) and also for soccer fields, i.e. for outdoor events. The special outdoor treatment for stadium benches with a metal frame is hot-dip galvanized steel , so everything is weatherproof and waterproof and so suitable for outdoors.


Seats for grandstands and stadiums

The "BeriOme" seat shell is produced both in the standard version for indoor use, with UV protection for outdoor use and also "flame retardant", fire protection version , B1 according to DIN standards and also according to various standards for other countries).

The seat here on the photo on the left is individually mounted directly on the step (3 screws), the cheapest option for concrete steps or robust wooden platforms.

Drain for rainwater in the floor of the seat, see photo.

The covers for the 3 screws are in the same color as the seat, numbering / seat numbers , fastening anchors , screws, dowels, upholstery, etc. available at an additional cost.

Stadium seats, seat shells for the stadium

The seat shells in this photo are mounted on a traverse in front of the step (on the vertical part of the stadium steps), this metal construction creates ground clearance and this is an advantage when cleaning.

Surface: There is the galvanized version (for outdoor use, weatherproof) or also painted or powder-coated for indoor use (in halls, waiting rooms, etc.).

The "BeriOme" is a seat shell with a high backrest in accordance with FIFA-UEFA guidelines, made of high-quality polypropylene and colored with non-toxic pigments without heavy metals.

Stadium bench seat, bucket seats on crossbar

We also produce this truss bench for wall mounting (custom-made, even in smaller quantities), even different seat shells are possible here (e.g. wooden ones) and therefore it is also a solution for waiting rooms in the doctor's office, for anterooms, etc.

Stadium seat-seat stadium TriBühne-Stage-Traverse-on-ground BeriOme-kl

Stadium seat "BeriOme" mounted on a traverse on the floor , a solution for spectator areas or grandstands where there are no steps. We also manufacture these truss benches in small quantities.

Stadium seat custom-made on crossbar

Truss length from 135 cm (recommendation: 150 cm, grid dimension or axis dimension 50 cm). Metal construction hot-dip galvanized (outdoor solution) or also available painted (for indoor use).

Tribuehnensitz seat TriBühne-kl to console ironing before Stage BeriOme-

Seats "BeriOme" model individually mounted on consoles in front of the step (on the vertical part of the stadium steps or on a wall ), this galvanized metal construction also provides ground clearance for easier cleaning of the platform.

Minimum order quantity for model "BeriOme" 200 seats (remaining quantities and custom-made on request). The brackets are hot-dip galvanized and also color coated.

Standard colors for this model are the colors blue = similar to RAL 5005, red = similar to RAL 3020, green = similar to RAL 6032, yellow = similar to RAL 1023 (other colors possible with larger quantities, price on request). Details and photos see also PDF , if interested please request further information, offer and photos


Grandstand seat Mod. Franziska_MM2007

The seat with the foldable backrest , a special construction z. B. for extendable stands (telescopic stands).

Folding seats sport seats-for-telescopic Buehnen-Franziska_MM2007 ___ 5_a

Most of the seats in stadium seats can be folded up and that makes sense, of course, where seats are permanently installed and you then have to be able to easily walk past them (topic "escape route", etc.).

Folding seats for grandstands

But if a stadium seat is now needed for an extendable grandstand (where entire rows of seats are pushed away or stowed), this model is ideal because it is only about 15 cm high and 40 cm deep with the backrest folded down.

So it is z. B. possible to push a grandstand completely against the wall in a gymnasium or in a sports hall to clear the floor for sports or events. A hall can be converted for gymnastics or theater performances and other events.

The price depends very much on the quantity, request.

Telescopic stands and seats where you can fold down the backrest allow variable use of the hall. B. school sports and in the evening z. B. a handball Bundesliga game for which you need rows of spectators.
This type of grandstand is also a hit in concert halls or multi-purpose halls, and can be used for cultural and sporting events.
Many individual rows of seats or benches can be pushed together to a shallow depth on a wall using grandstand technology with these foldable seats, which saves a lot of space in schools and halls where visitors only need a grandstand occasionally.
These seats with foldable backrests are ideal for halls in which sports and events alternate with spectators.


Folding seats Mod. Franziska_MMR2011 made of metal

Folding seat, breakwater

Tip-up seat or folding seat, dimensions according to the recommendations of FIFA / UEFA / FIBA. This seat is made entirely of metal, its structure also makes it a handrail for the rows behind it. Extremely robust, simple and clean profile, extremely space-saving due to small dimensions, resting seat only 50 mm deep (ie with the seat folded up), depth with the seat folded down 425 mm; Total height 1450 mm; Distance between the center points (axis dimension) 500 mm.

This model is a standing breakwater and also a seat. Seat, backrest and frame made entirely of metal. Hot-dip galvanized support frame, seat / back design in cataphoresis (cathodic dip coating, coated in an immersion bath, electrochemical process) or powder coating.

INSTALLATION POSSIBILITY : Right at the front of the step, 4 attachment points. Rapid evacuation: Seat folds up by its own weight or by gravity. EQUIPMENT: License plate made of PVC or aluminum. CERTIFICATION : FIBA-tested folding seat; complies with the latest FIFA and UEFA regulations; corresponds to the European standards UNI EN 13200-1-4.


Seats model " Beri.Stk.H "

  Seats for the sports field   Seat for the stadium, bucket seat

Seat, football pitches, stadium seat   Seats for a stadium, seats for soccer fields

Robust seat shells with anti-vandalism plate under the seat, for safe installation (with 3 screws) and for easier disassembly (only opening 1 screw is necessary).

This model has a half-height backrest and only the drain for rainwater in the seat (through which one screw can also be reached for mounting and dismounting the seat). 


Stadium seats / seat shells for the sports field

There are also several mounting options for this seat model:

* direct installation at step (with the anti-vandalism plate)

* before step with bracket or console

* in front of step on traverse (on the wall or on the vertical part of the step)

* on traverse on the step or on the floor (with longer feet as seen here with the Mod. BeriOme).

Disassembly and reassembly made easy: 2 of the 3 screws sit in this slot in special slots and 1 screw in a normal (round) hole and fixes everything (see photo ). The 1 screw is loosened and the seat can then be removed with a short push backwards, i.e. without having to remove the other 2 screws.

The 4 installation variants allow individual solutions, which are also flexible seats for the football field, tennis court, handball court, for the sports stadium and for stages and open-air theater.

This model "Beri.Stk.H" is a modern shell with a half-high backrest, less height also means less risk of breakage, the higher the backrest the more leverage (this becomes an issue when a ball thunders or when someone kicks it - keyword vandalism) ,

Seat numbers, UV protection and fire protection version optional / on request, at an additional cost.

Price difference or surcharge for fire protection version varies depending on the quantity, guide value EUR 1.- surcharge / pc.

Cover for the recess for screwing are generally in this gray.

Minimum quantity for this model is 200 pieces (residual quantities on request), standard colors for these seats, photos and details see PDF .



Seats model "Beri.Stk.L"
Robust seats for the sports field

Seats for all kinds of sports fields   Anti-vandal execution
Shell without backrest (or with only indicated backrest), otherwise details as above (for model "Beri.Stk.H").

For standard colors, photos and details see PDF .


Seat model " BeriKett " Bench, chair or stadium seat
Stadium seat foldable
Foldable stadium seatsSeats as a bench, stadium seats
Foldable single seats or rows of seats on trusses and chairs can be realized with this model, matching the stadium seats, these robust seat shells are also available with a base (armchair, four-legged). Flexible in every respect, also fixed assembly possible (not foldable), in front of step, on step, on floor, on brackets or trusses, many colors and variants.
Stadium seats and benches with VV protection (light protection, protection against fading due to sunlight), seats and rows of seats with armrests, foldable stadium seats for every requirement.
Armchair / chair of the stadium seatGrandstand seats, rows of seats for stadiumsGrandstand seat / stadium seat
On request and for a small surcharge, these shells are also made fire-resistant (fire protection component), especially in the indoor area ( sports hall ) this may be a requirement (please check). This seat has a comparatively high backrest, making it well suited for seating in a tennis hall or athletics hall (good seating comfort). Standard colors for this model: red (RAL 3020), green (RAL 6032), blue (RAL 5005) and yellow (RAL 1023). Price strongly dependent on quantity, other colors also possible with larger quantities, please inquire (we need quantity and delivery address because of the transport costs).
BeriKett Bank benches seat-seat airport gate waiting room
Benches are also made from the BeriKett model (on metal trusses, optionally hot-dip galvanized or painted), for example for gates at airports , for train stations and for the waiting area. Park benches and seats for municipalities, seats and benches in waiting areas for transport companies. Armchairs, rows of seats and benches for waiting rooms of doctors and hospitals (waiting area / anteroom / ambulance, ...). There are bench variants on a traverse with storage on the side (as a table) and also with upholstery and can also be delivered as airport (gate) / waiting room, etc.
Benches seats, seat airport gate, waiting room: Other benches for airports and waiting areas. Ideal benches for train stations or at the airport (in airports gates). Bench for public areas in cities, municipalities, offices and authorities, seats for waiting rooms at doctors (doctor's offices), etc. 

Stadium or tribune seats, mod. "BeriCha"
Stadium seat on traverse   Stadium seats
There are two alternative versions of this seat, a folding seat or a fixed seat (backrest and seat divided). Tribune seats fastened with brackets or brackets or on cross beams, as a two-part seat on brackets and brackets or as folding seats for high demands (also with upholstery and armrests) and for all possible situations and requirements on the sports field or in the football stadium.

Installation before step, on step (or on the floor) or on trusses (truss benches, elements with several seats). These seats are available in both standard and "flame-retardant" versions, B1 according to DIN, C1 (Italia), M2 (France). Optionally with seat numbers in the backrest. Minimum order quantity 200 pieces (remaining quantities on request).
See photos here on the left and variants in PDF. If you are interested, please request further information, offers and photos.
Grandstand seat with armrest   Padded grandstand seats

Stadium folding seats model 

This seat is specially designed for sports stadiums and sports halls , there are two mounting options, either in front of the step (i.e. on the vertical part of the step, 4 attachment points per seat) or on a metal crossbar on the floor. Installation on a high wall (e.g. in the waiting room at the doctor's) is only possible with this adapter with an adapter (custom-made) because the backrest of the seat protrudes at the upper edge above the attachment point (shown here).

Seat and backrest are made of polypropylene, frame made of polyamide with fiberglass, a robust design that is corrosion-resistant, clean and versatile and comfortable. This seat also complies with FIFA / UEFA / FIBA ​​and CATAS regulations. Depth with the seat folded up 300 mm , total depth with the seat folded down 490 mm , width 470 mm.

The metal beams (trusses) are available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 seats for mounting on the floor or on the running surface. The seat folds up automatically due to gravity , this system is not only maintenance-free but also important in emergencies that can cause panic, i.e. if the stadium needs to be cleared (in the event of fire, explosion, natural disaster, bomb threat, poison gas attack, ...). This is an argument for evacuation and evacuation concepts , in the planning for an emergency.

Options: signs made of aluminum (place numbers and row numbers), area for logos of sponsors. Seats for soccer fields, sports halls, stadiums, tennis courts, grandstands and for waiting rooms in medical practices, hospitals.

This comfortable folding seat is also very suitable for the VIP area, for which there are some additional options , such as upholstery inserts, removable cover, armrests, glass holder or writing surface. Remaining quantities on request.

Seat shell model "BeriKum"

Stadium seating according to FIFA / UEFAStadium seats
Very comfortable seat (high backrest) for football stadiums and sports fields, designed in accordance with FIFA-UEFA guidelines. Can be mounted directly on concrete or wood, but also on trusses or metal structures.
Dimensions: 423x400x330 mm
Stadium seatsStadium seat / seat shell
Made of high-quality polyamide, also flame-retardant and UV-resistant available on request. Colored with non-toxic pigments and without heavy metals.
All standard colors and other colors on request for larger quantities, the covers are in the same color as the seat. Extras: Numbering made of plastic, fastening anchors, dowels, screws, ...
Minimum order quantity 400 pieces (remaining quantities on request). If you are interested, please request further information, offers and photos.

Stadium seat / seat shell model "3", very good, strong, robust.

The most robust stadium seat with high backrest. Standard colors, green Ral 6032 - blue Ral 5012 - red Ral 3020 - orange Ral 2004 - yellow Ral 1021 - white Ral 9010 and black Ral 9005. Other RAL colors are possible (surcharge may vary depending on the model and quantity).

Stadium seat / shell model "2"

Stadium seat with a slightly lower backStandard colors, green Ral 6032 - blue Ral 5012 - red Ral 3020 - orange Ral 2004 - yellow Ral 1021 - white Ral 9010 and black Ral 9005.
·Other RAL colors are possible (surcharge may vary depending on the model and quantity)

Request further information, offers and photos.
An ideally suited seat for the sports field, soccer field, tennis court, for the stadium, for the sports hall, for a grandstand or for a waiting room in the doctor's office or in the hospital.

Stadium seat / seat shell 
model "1"

   Seat shells for the stadium and hall
A stadium seat with low back.
Standard colors, green Ral 6032 - blue Ral 5012 - red Ral 3020 - orange Ral 2004 - yellow Ral 1021 - white Ral 9010 and black Ral 9005.
Other RAL colors are possible (surcharge may vary depending on the model and quantity)·The model "1" is also made of aluminum, and here as a single seat and also as a bench

Stadium seat / seat shell model "0"

These seats can be pushed together and you can use them to create an endless row of seats in a school or university gym, for example. It is a stadium seat without backrest or backrest only hinted at. Standard colors, green Ral 6032 - blue Ral 5012 - red Ral 3020 - orange Ral 2004 - yellow Ral 1021 - white Ral 9010 and black Ral 9005.
Other RAL colors are possible (surcharge may vary depending on the model and quantity).

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The prices strongly depend on the quantity and therefore on request, the minimum purchase quantity is some 200 pieces. We always create special offers for all projects. We reserve the right to make technical and / or dimensional and / or structural and / or visual changes to the products at any time and without prior notice.

Remaining quantities and custom-made products on request (must be checked or calculated daily). We mainly deliver to Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, but also to other countries (transport and assembly are calculated individually, delivery of the stadium seats is therefore practically possible worldwide).

Seats stadium Germany Stadium seats Germany Stadium seat Germany

Further models, VIP seats and business seats from Stechert on request (Berlin Business, Copacabana Business, Magdeburg, TipUp smart Business, Tondo Busines), as well as folding seats (Berlin, BRASIL play, Copacabana, Krefeld, TipUp smart, Tondo) as well as reporter seats with table or commentator seats and seat shells Arena and Arena D.

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